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  • 5合1电动美容按摩器面部按摩器清洁剂 5-In-1Beauty  Massager  Cleaner

5合1电动美容按摩器面部按摩器清洁剂 5-In-1Beauty Massager Cleaner

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5合1电动美容按摩器面部按摩器清洁剂 5-In-1Beauty Massager Cleaner

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 - 材质:耐用的硬塑料。
 -  100%全新和高品质。

 - 只需几分钟,您就可以拥有更健康,有弹性和光泽的肌肤。
 - 按摩和涂抹乳霜,以更好地渗透皮肤,保持滋养和保湿。
 - 由2节AA电池(不包括在内)操作,并具有2个旋转速度(高/低速)。
 - 流线型设计和紧凑的尺寸,非常适合家庭和旅行使用。

2.按摩器不防水,所以不要用水冲洗。 使用后请用湿布清除身上的污垢,避免电池区域直接接触水。

5-In-1Beauty  Massager  Cleaner

Product description:

- Material: durable hard plastic. - 100% brand new and high quality. - Only a few minutes, you can have a more healthy, elastic and shinny skin. - Massage and application of cream to better penetrate the skin and keep it nourished and hydrated. - It is operated by 2 x AA batteries (not included), and has 2 rotation speeds (high /low speed). - Streamline design and compact size, ideal for home and travel use. Notes 1. To extend the service life of the massager, please take out batteries after every use. 2. The massager is not water-resistant, and so do not wash it with water. Please use a damp cloth to remove the dirt on its body after use, avoiding direct contact of the battery area with water. 3. Clean all the massaging heads accessories carefully with water (do not use alcohol or detergent), then air dry them. 4. Keep the unit and all the accessories out of reach of children. 5. Do not disassemble the device if not being professional.