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  •   Benedictine DOM (750ML) 法国廊酒

Benedictine DOM (750ML) 法国廊酒

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Benedictine DOM (750ML) 法国廊酒

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Review – Benedictine D.O.M. Liqueur

With the international transport networks so much a part of everyday life, we are accustomed to enjoying food and drink containing ingredients from right around the world. Back in the 1700’s however when Benedictine was first produced by a Venetian monk, sourcing 27 botanicals including angelica, hyssop, juniper, myrrh, saffron, aloe, arnica and cinnamon must have been quite the challenge. A half-Century or so gap in production at the beginning of the 19th Century followed, before the original recipe was re-discovered, modernised and put back into production.  Today the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, but we know that it is distilled in copper pot stills and aged in oak barrels for at least a little while.

Nose: Those who have failed to note this liqueur ways in at 40% abv are soon reminded when they plunge their nose into the glass. After the initial alcohol hit subsides, a delightfully understated aroma of lavender honey and complex herbal spice dotted by a range of botanicals that intermingle to create a complex and enjoyable aroma.

Neat: This is not liqueur that does anything by halves; Its high (for a liqueur) abv, intense sweetness and robust herbal palate are all big on the palate. A few ice cubes helps to loosen things up a little, revealing the true beauty of this liqueur; And what a beauty it is. As the initial honeyed sweetness fades, a mix of Christmas spice, summer fruits and gin-like aromatics offer up a deliciously complex and herbal profile. There is not a hint of the ‘medicinal’ taste that often is present in herbal spirits, and as such this is a liqueur with wide appeal. The finish ends with a lovely marzipan note that will keep you coming back for more.

Mixing: From the ridiculously simple but delicious Benedictine and Brandy, to the more complex Singapore Sling, Benedictine works wonders in mixed drinks. The complexity offered by the vast array of botanicals means that it pairs very well with a wide range of spirits and drink styles, making it a versatile ingredient to have on the shelf. From the gin-based Jubilant, to the classic bourbon and cognac Vieux Carre, this is a liqueur that likes to get in on the action whatever the base spirit. The high level of sweetness does make it a tricky proposition in larger amounts, but it is easily balanced by citrus and drinks such as theBetween the Sheets work very well when the balance is struck right.  Although many recipes call for Benedictine to be used in a pleasantly subtle way to accent other ingredients, it really shines when mixed in the classic Bobby Burns (recipe below), where the combination of Benedictine, whisky and vermouth is quite simply sublime. The versatility of this liqueur is rounded off perfectly by the finding that it also sits very well in champagne cocktails such as the Benediction (recipe below),in which it offers a wonderful sweet and aromatic complexity that is as delicious in taste as it is easy to make.

Signature Cocktail – Bobby Burns

30ml blended Scotch whisky, 15ml Benedictine, 30ml sweet vermouth
Stir ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with an lemon twist.

Signature Cocktail – Benediction

25ml Benedictine, dash orange bitters, Champagne
Add Benedictine and bitters to Champagne flute, top with Champagne and garnish with a lemon twist.

Benedictine D.O.M. has been around for nearly 300 years for very good reason. Its full-on and complex flavour profile makes it a versatile and successful ingredient in all manner of cocktails. Whatever your preference, there will be Benedictine cocktail for you. A must have ingredient for the home bar.

法国廊酒又称 D.O.M,是法国的高僧DOM BERNADO于1510年发明的。


廊酒一种酒精度较高(40% VOL) 且糖分充足,香气和口味都很好的酒,还具有消除疲劳和健胃的功效。 





一星期喝1-2次 睡觉前喝,早上喝也可以(不要空腹) 一大汤匙廊酒(如觉得甜,可加一汤匙温水) 





第一,妇女产后滋阴补虚 滋补作用。 廊酒中含有糖、胺基酸、维生素、矿物质。这些都是人体必不可少的营养素。它可以不经过预先消化,直接被人体吸收。特别是对妇女产后体弱者,每晚饮用适量廊酒,对恢復健康非常有利


第二,睡前喝廊酒有助于提高睡眠质量。 廊酒可缓解神经衰弱,抗疲劳. 廊酒中远胜于最优质的矿泉水。廊酒中的多酸含量相当多,因此它对于预防心血管疾病有极好的作用,有助于防动脉硬化和早老性痴呆症等疾病。


第三,喝廊酒可以达到更好的瘦身效果。 廊酒中的成分能有效帮助消化,可预防老化,保持身体的正常代谢,使体形不会随岁月流逝 而逐渐臃肿走样。除此之外,它还帮助预防血液毒素的产生,使身体始终维持良好的轻盈循环,脂肪当然难上身。


第四,廊酒具有活血暖身的作用 因此可以改善贫血,暖和腰肾,有效减少身体内水分的堆积。对女士而言,廊酒可以活血化瘀,祛除疲劳,放鬆身心,帮助激活免疫神经网络,起到减缓衰老的作用。

第五,月经后,补虚弱 女性月经期间是比较脆弱的时期,身体会比日常更为虚弱,因此在饮食上要注意补充身体的营养。而廊酒是让女性来完月经后,喝来补虚弱。此外,气虚的女性如:脸色苍白、神疲乏力、白带量多、 …喝些廊酒能促进血液,改善气虚,让身强健体。

第六,养颜美容作用 它通过促进新陈代谢、清除氧自由基、营养皮肤组织,使女士们的皮肤更娇嫩,更具生命活力,更显现出光彩照人的风采。


第七,能增强四肢体力,走路和爬楼不气喘 四肢乏力?走路和爬楼气喘?廊酒中含有人体维持生命活动所需的三大营养素:维他命、糖及蛋白质。每晚喝一杯,能增强四肢体力。还具有减少骨质疏鬆症的危险。让你走路和爬楼都不气喘。