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  •  ( OGAWA ) Mobile Shiatsu Lite

( OGAWA ) Mobile Shiatsu Lite

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( OGAWA ) Mobile Shiatsu Lite

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Massage away your tension and aches

Today is a long day. You have meetings to attend, goals to accomplish, tons of works queuing up from time to time. Yes, things are not going to be done themselves. Your tensed muscles will not be eased themselves as well. Allow our brand new Mobile Shiatsu LITE to do the magic for you.

  • 4 Massage Heads with Heat 
    The 4 massage heads will auto-reverse each minute for a gentle, accurate and better distribution of kneading massage. It also comes with heat function to promote blood circulation and deeper relaxation
  • Massage on the Go 
    It is light and handy, perfectly designed to carry around. Beside a DC plug, it also comes with a car adaptor, now you can enjoy a deeply massage even in the middle of a traffic jam!
  • Simple to operate 
    Once plug in and press on the switch, you can simply have a satisfying and relaxing massage. It’s as easy as ABC! [1st Press for massage and heat function; 2nd press for turning off the heat function, massage function remained; Long press for 2 second will switch off the device.]
  • Multifunctional massager 
    Efficiency in soothing various parts of body, especially neck, waist, back and shoulder.
  • Auto Timer 
    For safety purpose, it will automatically closed after 15 minutes of usage

Best for

  • Waist and Back 
    Reduce muscle soreness, aches and tension. Loosen up tight muscle in the back. Best for everyone
  • Legs 
    Relieve muscle stiffness in legs. Best for those who stands all day
  • Neck and Shoulder 
    Eases stiff neck and tense shoulders. Best for those who work at a computer for long hours. The massage heads should be placed close to both sides of neck.
Product NameMobile Shiatsu LITE
Model NoOG 2015
Power Source100-240V / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption24W
Adaptor Output2.0A
DimensionL:380mm x W:115mm x H:210mm


  1. Do not handle this device with damp hands
  2. This device may not be appropriate with some users, if you are/have: feeling sick, high-blood pressure, heart diseases, pregnant, during menstruation, under age and etc. Please consult with your doctor before using this device.
  3. Do not use this device continuously for over 30 minutes
  4. Keep this device under a cool and dry place
  5. Do not fall asleep while using the device
  6. Do not use this device directly on your hands, joints, knees, chest or stomach
  7. Do not use this device during lightning and storm


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